Cyber Talents started a crowdfunding campaign on zoomaal to raise 20,000 USD

Cyber Talents started a crowdfunding campaign on zoomaal to raise 20,000 USD

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Cyber Talents started a crowdfunding campaign on zoomaal to raise 20,000 USD

You might have heard about the famous software development competitions like ACM, Google Jam or Facebook Hacker, how those competitions bring talented software developers from all over the world in one place, how software companies and recruiters are waiting for those competitions year after year to hire the best software developers in their organizations.But What about Cyber Security ? According to CISCO Annual Report in 2014, Nearly one million job openings in cyber security field are waiting for candidates to be fulfilled. It became so clear that the normal recruiting process is not working well. Most Recruitment processes focus on IQ exams, Language exams but when it comes to technical part which is the core of the security professional job, the company uses only technical interviews or just take the shiny certificates. Also one of the main reasons is that building a separate environment or labs for practical tests that includes different machines costs the organization a lot of money and a lot of administration efforts.

It is obvious that we need a new way to measure the skills of cyber security professionals. Moataz Salah and Adham Mohamed, Founders of Cyber Talents portal said : Today, Cyber Security certificates are not measuring the real practical skills of any candidate. After running four Capture the Flag competitions in Cairo Security Camp Conference for 4 years , we realized that games and competitions are the best environment to spot the skills and talent in any field at early stage.That’s why we started to work on Cyber Talents . Cyber Talents is a portal that will let schools, universities, companies and governments to measure, assess and recruit cyber security candidates through hackathons, competitions and online lab challenges and assessments.
Each user will have his own account working on solving hundreds of challenges in different cyber security fields for example network security, web application security, reverse engineering, digital forensics, cryptography and others . the more challenges you solve, the higher rank you get either over your country or the whole world. The cycle will be closed by enabling companies and recruiters who are desperately searching for cyber security talents to get access to those talents

Moataz Salah and Adham Mohamed started a crowdfunding campaign on Zoomaal to raise 20,000 USD to be able to make their dream comes true. Cyber Talents will be the first platform to assess and measure the skills of cyber security professionals using a unique way which is online games and challenges with a clear goal to minimizing the shortage of technical cyber security professionals. Cyber Talents project will start its beta version by the end of this year, The team is seeking your support and contribution even by sharing the project’s idea. to know more details about the project check the below link

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