Day 1 – 18th of November 2016:

Next Generation Security Platform

By AHMED ABDEL SALAM (Regional Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks).
Palo Alto Networks

The increasing success of cyberattacks in the region is threatening the trust that underpins our digital way of life. Palo Alto Networks is committed to protecting our way-of-life, leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling applications and preventing cyber breaches for tens of thousands of organizations worldwide.

Microsoft Secure : Secure your digital transformation with Microsoft

By SHADI NAGGAR (Enterprise Mobility + Security Specialist Microsoft Egypt)
And AHMED EL KANADILY (Cloud and Datacenter Solutions Specialist Microsoft Egypt)

Overview on how enterprises can protect against evolving cybersecurity threats—from the datacenter to the endpoints.

End-user IT Analytics for Security.

By MOHAMED ENAB (Cyber Security Specialist)
By MOHAMED SAMIR WALI (Sr. Manager, Technology Security Operations –Technology Information Security, Orange Egypt)

Industry analysts agree that end-user devices are the weakest link in the IT chain and the biggest IT security threat that organizations face today. One of the solutions to this issue is having a real-time end-user IT Analytics across all endpoint devices and networks, to detect any lingering or potential security threats. Security Analytics comprise a collection of dashboards, templates, investigations, and sample technology integrations that can be utilized to boost strengthen endpoint security. During this session, Nexthink and Mr. Mohamed Wali (Sr. Manager, Technology Security Operations –Technology Information Security, Orange Egypt ) will discuss the common threats to the endpoints and how Security Analytics can be a solution to the growing issue.
Session Sponsored by Nexthink

The Hidden Venom : Dangerous Formats.
– Workshop

By FADY OTHMAN (Information Security Consultant at ZINAD IT)

In the past years, we have seen the development of client-side attacks and how hackers became smarter and smarter. We came to a realization that you don’t really need a zero day or advanced exploit to spread a malware or ransomware. all what you need is a good social engineering trick and the knowledge of how to abuse a legitimate file format. In this talk, we will have a look at seemingly non-harmful file formats and how they can be abused to spread malware.


By MUHAMMED M.BASSEM (Senior consultant at the Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) department, specializing in Cyber Risk, at Deloitte)

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” — Sun Tzu
Do you think that all your organization “foo” security controls are well placed and updated?Is every penetration test you performed on “foo” detectable by Blue team? How do you believe in foo’s perimeter security?
Red teaming is not an ordinary penetration test. There is a big difference in the methodology, risk evaluation and reporting. To understand the advanced persistent threats’ risk, you need to see one.

Exploiting PHP Serialized Objects for Authentication bypass.
– Workshop

By EBRAHIM HEGAZY (Senior Security Engineer)

In this session, I will talk about PHP Serialized Objects as below:
– What is PHP Serialized/Unserialize Objects and how it works
– Demo Code on PHP Serialized Objects
– Exploitation scenarios for Serialized Objects
– Practical example of exploiting Serialized Objects for Authentication bypass & Privilege Escalation

The state ” or lack of it” of infosec workforce in the job market.

By AHMED ELEZABI (Consultant)

The Cyber Security job market is currently expanding, demand surpasses available skills and recruiters are struggling to fulfill their customers demands. Information security professionals should be ready to answer to this situation, prepare themselves for the future, and educate their organizations.

Detecting APTs at web application layer.
– Workshop


Detecting and defending against Multi – Stage Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Attacks is a challenge for mechanisms that are static in its nature and are based on blacklisting and malware signature techniques. The comprehensive analysis and correlation can discover behavior indicative of APT-related attacks and data exfiltration. In the web application layer, other techniques are used to detect the sophisticated web attacks. In this presentation, we will discuss some techniques that could be used to deal with the APTs in the web application layer.

Stop Being Reactive and start acting: Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics”.

By AHMED NABIL (IT Manager | Security, Networking, System Engineering)

Recent research showed that 75% of attacks are targeting user accounts on any device and the Average amount of time attackers are living in your network is 8 month before getting detected. ATA is a new solution that leverage Machine Learning to analyze and predict User behavior.

Egypt Security Kaizen Awards.

We are living in a world where threats, risks and cyber attacks affect individuals, businesses and countries which bring a direct impact to our life. Our goal by announcing SK Awards is to honor the achievements of Security professionals, Vendors and local companies and all cyber security ecosystem who contributed in making our environment safer.

Gala Dinner & Entertainment Night.

(ISC)² and Bluekaizen ((ISC)² official Partner in Egypt) are delighted to invite all attendees, speakers and sponsors to CSCAMP2016 | 7th year Gala Dinner which will take place at 18th of November Night. Don’t miss this fantastic evening full of entertainment, amazing food and a friendly atmosphere . The Gala Dinner Will witness also the Security Kaizen awards of the year for the Best CISO, Best Security Product, Best Partner and Others.
Spaces are limited to this awesome annual event, so don’t delay.
Professional and Corporate tickets will be able to access the Gala Dinner For free. Academic tickets will need to add an extra 100 EGP .