About US

Bluekaizen is a fast growing company that focus on cyber security education either for students,
professionals or Management level. Either for individual or organization. We provide educations via
training, conferences, webinars, magazines, cyber security summer camps, Assessments, cyber
exercises & games and much more.


Improve Cyber Security personnel skills and knowledge.


Bluekaizen mission is to be the global leader in providing cyber security education through our
training, conferences, magazine, summer camps and cyber security exercises. And to assign personnel
in the best place that fit their skills.


Integrity: We maintain long term relationships with our customers, vendors and partners.
Commitment: We always keep our words.
Speciality & Quality: In what we do, we do it best.
Passion: We have a strong passion to change personnel perspective about security.


Securing Minds … Improving Lives


What is Kaizen?

The term Kaizen (??, Japanese for “improvement”) is a Japanese word adopted into English referring to
the philosophy or practices focusing on continuous improvement in manufacturing activities,
business activities in general, and even everyday life.

What we Do :
1. Cyber Security Training
2. Cyber Security Conferences
3. Cyber Security Summer Camps
4. Cyber Security Awareness
5. Competitions & Skills Assessment
6. Cyber security Drill & Exercises
7. Recruitment & Outsourcing

Our Services & Products


1. SKLABS : Security Kaizen Labs, The Training Division of Bluekaizen

2. Cairo Security Camp Conference

3. Students Cyber Security Summer & Winter Camps

4. Security Kaizen Magazine, Security Kaizen Awareness program, Webinars

5. CyberTalents

6. Only Security Jobs


 Security Kaizen Magazine

Security Magazine is a free, bi monthly magazine devoted to IT Security. It covers different sections starting from new technologies, enterprises best practices, different attacks and countermeasures, real attack stories, security quizzes and others.
Bluekaizen Security Magazine is targeting all people interested in the Security field, both professionals such as security administrators, security officers, system administrators, as well as beginners such as students and fresh graduates.

Security Camps Events

Security Camps is a series of events hold in different cities and different countries. Cairo Security Camp is an annual event targeting the Information Security Community of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region). IT professionals and security practitioners from throughout the region are invited to attend. Cairo Security Camp is the first Information Security Conference organized by an Arab Country.


 Security Kaizen Labs

Security Kaizen Labs is the training division of Bluekaizen.org. We are focusing mainly on all security courses. you can get more information about our training from sklabs.org

Security Kaizen Labs is a two days event where security experts gather in one place to provide a real Hands on, intensive sessions in both defensive and offensive techniques. If you are looking for knowledge or the latest tools and new techniques, Security Kaizen Labs event will be your only suitable place.

Bluekaizen Radio

BK Radio is a Bi-Weekly online show where you will meet with nearly most of the Security Professionals and experts in Egypt and Middle East to talk and discuss about various topics in Information Security including Information Security Careers, Security Market, technical issues and more.