Day 1 – 28th of November 2014:

Keynote : Debugging the internet

By Tim Willis (Technical Program Manager on the Chrome Security Team at Google).
Tim Willis

Hacking Cases Studies

By Shakeel Tufail (The Chief Ninja (CEO) of SecureNinja)
Shakeel Tufail
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

By Omar Sherin (CIIP Manager in Q-CERT)
Omar Sherin

Fix FIX: FIX Security Design and The EFM Protocol.

By Amr Ali (Chief Architect for NYBX Inc.)
Amr Ali
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Meterpreter all the things.

By Anwar Mohamed (Security Researcher)
Anwar Mohamed
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The Art of eWar: Cyber Lessons from Ancient China.

By Mustafa El Masry (Security Researcher)
Mustafa El Masry